Thursday, March 6, 2014

HOW TO: Fix a Broken Palette!

Hey everyone!

I thought I'd share with you something that sort of saved my life / palette :D
I've been traveling kind of a lit in the past month or two and I'm always super scared that my palettes are going to get ruined. I used to take Naked and Naked 2 palette with me all the time because you have soo many options with them! And yes, an accident happened.

On my Naked 2, Blackout and YDK fell out. Also, half of Blackout broke (which totally breaks my heart!) and so you can just imagine the damage it did to my palette. There was black everywhere and it was just to disgusting to clean it up... I didn't have any glue on me but then it hit me... Eyelash glue! :D

So the trick is SUPER simple =) You should clean up the "slot" where the eyeshadow pan was, and also the bottom of the pan so that it sticks as well as possible.
Then just apply a bit of the glue to the middle and let it dry for just a bit, just like you would do with eyelashes.
Then just press the eyeshadow pan down and hold it for a few seconds so it sticks.
I have no idea how long is this going to last, if the glue is going to be any help in a long term sense, but it's sort of like and emergency thing. If you're traveling and this happens, I'm sure you'll have an eyelash glue with you and it if falls out again, you can use something more durable later at home =)

I hope you liked this quick tip!
Have a lovely night,

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