Sunday, March 16, 2014

FIRST IMPRESSIONS / REVIEW: L'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold UV Hair Spray

Hey everyone!

It seems like first impressions / review posts are all I do on my blog lately :D But I myself always look up reviews all the time so I feel like it's time to give something back! :D
This time, I'm going to tell you about my first experience with a hair spray by L'Oreal. It's the Elnett Satin Extra Hold UV hair spray. I've seen this all over youtube, everyone seems to like it and so I decided to give it a try. I've heard that you can brush it out very easily, and I thought it could be good for my hair since I add hairspray to my hair almost everyday and wash it only once a week.
At the moment, I'm running out of my current hairspray so I decided to get something different to try out something new.
So let's have a look:

It says it's a hair spray for color treated hair with UV filter and it's a strong hold hair spray. It's supposed to protect your color from the UV rays and humidity and preserves your color and shine. Also, it shouldn't stick the hair and disappears with a stroke of a brush - this confuses me a bit. Does it mean that if you brush your hair you remove it or that it looks like you have no hair spray in your hair?

You get 300 ml of product. When I was googling this product I found that it's $15 in Ulta! Oh my god, does it really cost that much in the US? I got it for 99 CZK which is $5. So it's pretty much good value (but you can still get cheaper hairsprays in the drugstore). It's in a slim, tall can and they also have travel size ones, so that's always handy.

I used it when I was teasing my hair at the crown and also to keep my fringe in place after I styled it after washing. I didn't mind the smell, for me it was sort of an nontraditional smell for a hairspray but I think it's quite nice. Right after washing, I use a lot of hair spray. I was going out so I had to keep my fringe in one place and also to hold the tease. So obviously, it did stick my hair together. But I guess when you use a lot of it, that's just what happens. But it gave my hair a very artificial shine, which made my purple hair, at the crown, look like a wig :D I was mad a little and tried to brush it out a bit, to get rid of that stupid shine but it still looked very artificial but oh well. That's when I thought - okay, this is not going to be my favorite one. But then I discovered its awesome property. When I arrived at my friend's place in the evening, when I touched it, it was like a rock! :D The fringe wasn't moving. It wasn't probably very pleasant to the touch but it didn't look like I had tons of hairspray in my hair. Then when I was going back home, it was pretty windy and even after probably 13-14 hours, my fringe did not move AT ALL. I mean, wow. Also, I always sleep on my side so my fringe tends to fall onto my side and then I have to straighten a part of it in the morning. But this time...I woke up with a straight fringe! AH-mazing.
As far as the teased section went, since I tried to brush out the shininess I obviously brushed out those teased parts so my hair doesn't look as voluminous as yesterday but I don't really mind, it's still not flat so it's alright I guess.

When you touch the hair it feels weird, but it's not obvious at all when you only look at it. Which is still alright with me because I can't expect to have natural feel on my hair when I hair sprayed the hell out of it.

+ truly holds the hair in one place for a long time
+ nice smell
+ convenient to get, price (drugstore)
- gives a lot of extra shine, which for me personally is a bad thing because I don't want my hair to look like a cheap wig from eBay! :D
- sticks the hair together (I think more than the one I used before)

I'm not sure yet. If I figure out how to solve that shine problem, I think it would be an awesome hairspray for me. If you have a fringe you know how annoying it is when it's windy and your fringe gets all over the place. This one holds it like hell!

Alright, so that's all for this first impressions / review post! Have you tried this hair spray? Do you like it? What other hair sprays do you like or recommend? I never used hair sprays before I got a fringe so I'm still trying to explore what's out there =)
Thanks for reading!

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