Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Technical Difficulties + UPDATE!

Hi everyone,
I thought I should write a short article about what's going on at the moment.
If you follow me on facebook, you alreaday know that my laptop died a few weeks ago. I was just in the middle of editing a tutorial and everything started to be very slow so I decided to shut it down, let the poor guy cool down and try it later. Well, it never turned back on.
I was worried all my data including my tutorials and photos are gone. Luckily, the technician said the disk is okay. But the laptop is not. My motherboard decided to go on a strike and repairing it may not even help the problem, I'd have to probably get a new one, which costs almost as much as a new laptop. Great. Oh, and did I mention that the warranty expired at the beginning of the year?
So now I'm using my small shitty netbook which I used only for school (for typing down notes on lectures and so on) so I didn't mind that it's slow, that I can't really install anything there.. I only needed a place to open docs and pdfs and an internet browser.. I can't install any of the editing software for the tutorials or photos so I feel like someone cut off my hands ... I really miss filming and editing... :((
Luckily, I'll be able to have a "new" laptop at the beginning of May, so I'll be definitely posting a new tutorial once I get my hands on it.
I really am sorry for being so inactive.. But I'll do my best to upload as often as possible from May.
I have three tutorials stuck in my old disk and one that I filmed just recently that I may be able to edit on someone else's laptop but I think I'm just going to wait till I get my own.
It's horrible how we are dependent on technology these days.. Everything I ever created is in that laptop.. I'm currently working on some essays for school and it's not fun doing it on the smallest netbook ever ... The LCD is around 8"...
If you want more updates about my technology crisis, follow me on facebook, where I always post what's new =)
Hope your laptops never do the same to you! :D