Friday, January 31, 2014


Hi everyone!

I'm here with another sin from the 7 deadly sins series =) I hope you're going to like it! It was another great collaboration with awesome people. This time, my model was my friend Jarka, also known as Kapitan Piton. Isn't she just soo beautiful? =)

In case you haven't seen the previous sins, here they are. So far we did Pride, Envy, Gluttony.

Sleek i-Divine palettes - Ultra Mattes V2, The Original
120 palette (shimmery white)
essence liquid ink eyeliner
Maybelline color tattoo in Timeless black (in the waterline)
Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Hollywood Red
Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Electric Plum

PHOTOS: Elvis van Fledermaus 
check out his facebook fan page -
MODEL, HAIR: Kapitan Piton
BACKGROUND: Midnight Cafe -

I hope you liked this sin! =) Once again, a BIG thank you goes to everyone who made this possible <3
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FOTD: New Everyday Makeup Look? + RED LIPS

Hi everyone =)

Ever since I did my last makeup tutorial, I sort of fell in love filling in my waterline with black eyeliner and smoking out my lower lash line. Yesterday, I did a very simple look, I was just going to the mall for a while and I decided to do a much more wearable version of that smokey eye I did in the tutorial.


For eyeshadows I only used an eyeshadow duo by essence from the Be Loud! collection in Like a Stone In the Wall. I applied the lighter color all over my lid. Now this eyeshadow doesn't have a great pay off but I didn't mind because I wanted just a simple wash of color. Then I took the darker color and applied it just a little bit into the crease so it didn't look too flat. Then I lined my upped lashline with liquid ink eyeliner by essence and filled my waterline with black gel liner by L'Oreal called Gel Intenza eyeliner. I did my lower lashline just as I did it in the tutorial. I applied a waterproof eyeliner by essence all across my lashline (in the color smokey grey) and with a small smudging brush, I smoked it out with the darker color from the duo. Then I just applied mascara and that was it. Very easy and for me, a lot different from my everyday routine. I think this may be my new everyday routine because I love that it's something more than just liquid eyeliner on top and bottom lash line.

Now for my lips I decided to do red again. I love red lips. This time, I decided to take it to the next level and make a matte, velvety finish on them. I applied my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in Romantic and catrice lip liner just like in the tutorial, but I added MAC Ruby Woo on top. I love this lipstick and always makes me feel very fancy because it has probably the most beautiful finish, it's a beautiful red and even though it's a matte lipstick, it didn't feel gross after a while because of the moisturizing barrier of the balmstain on my lips. This is my ultimate red lip combo <3

Hope you like this face of the day, I hope I'll be able to do more of these in the future ^_^
Have a lovely day,

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Full Face Goth DRUGSTORE Smokey Eye + Red Lip [MAKEUP TUTORIAL]

Hi everyone =)

This is my very first tutorial where I used only drugstore products. I know makeup can sometimes get so expensive. Nowadays, there are so many awesome products in the drugstore, that it's very easy to crease beautiful looks for not so much money. I myself am a student so I cant afford to buy high end makeup products all the time. So let me show you, that even a dark, black smokey eye and a beautiful red lip that lasts is achievable without spending a fortune =)

I decided to do a black smokey eye that is more on the neutral side so that you can pair it with any lips (pink, nude, purple, red.. anything). You can make it as dark as you want or as subtle as you want. If you add more black, it's going to be more intense and dark, but you don't have to add so much black if you're not really into that style. I love black smokey eyes, they make your eyes stand out so well and a classic red lip is a must with this kind of a look =)

It is a full face makeup tutorial so I'm also showing you how I did my foundation. Primer is optional but I just wanted to show that it is possible to find everything in the drugstore =) So here we go:

The only product that was not from the drugstore is the mascara (I used Benefit They're Real mascara, which actually is my only high end mascara) because I wasn't filming at home where all my makeup is and I realized I didn't take a drugstore mascara with me. If I were to use a drugstore one, I'd use L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes or Maybelline One by One Volum' Express. I love those two.

Dermacol satin makeup base
Maybelline SuperStay 24HR foundation
essence all about matt! fixing loose powder
essence kabuki brush
Alverde eyeshadow in Dark Aubergine (for eyebrows)
NYC Cheek Glow in West Side Wine (for contouring)

Dermacol eye shadow base
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Timeless Black
Sleek The Original Palette (black)
essence BE LOUD! eyeshadow duo in like a stone in the wall (the darker color)
Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette (matte white)
essence STAYS no matter what waterproof eye pencil in smokey grey
L'Oreal Gel Intenza liner
essence liquid ink eyeliner

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in Romantic
Catrice Precision Lip Liner in Read my Lips

I really enjoyed doing this makeup tutorial and can't wait to do more drugstore tutorials. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial focused on drugstore brushes.
Hope you liked it, don't forget to check out my other videos. =)
Have a great day!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

HOW TO: Perfect Eyebrows for REDHEADS

Hey everyone =)

I finally got around to do a makeup tutorial where I show you how I do my eyebrows. If you're familiar with my blog and youtube channel, you know that I shave my eyebrows. This is how I like to do my everyday eyebrows. Brunettes wear brown eyebrows, so since I'm a redhead, I do red eyebrows =)

Eyebrows are a big deal. They change up your entire face. It took me quite a while to figure out how I liked mine the best and most of all, HOW to achieve them :D

I use eyeshadows to do my eyebrows. I don't really like using eyebrow pencils, but that's what I personally prefer. I feel like an eyeshadow with a wet brush does a better job. Most of all, I feel like they are a lot durable that way. I even got slapped in the face with a few sea waves and since my mascara was running down my cheeks, I thought there would be no way for my eyebrows to stay in place - but they did :D

Btw you can find all the makeup looks in the picture on the top on my youtube channel =)

Alverde single eyeshadow in Dark Aubergine
Essence and Sephora angled brush

Even if you don't shave your eyebrows, I hope you enjoyed this video and it helped you in some way =)
Tell me in the comments how you like to do your eyebrows.
My new makeup tutorial will be up on youtube in a few hours (it's exporting atm) so stay tuned ^_^
Have a great evening,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

FIRST IMPRESSIONS / REVIEW: L'Oreal Sublime Soft Micellar Water

Hi everyone =)

This is the very first time I'm doing a first impressions post =) Today I bought the L'Oreal Sublime Soft Pure Micellar Cleansing Water and decided to remove my makeup with it tonight so let me tell you about my first experience with it =)

So. When you look at the bottle, it says that it is 3 in 1 = it removes makeup, cleanses and soothes the skin. It's a micellar lotion, has no perfume and is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. The product has no color as well. It also says that you can use it on a cotton pad twice a day, morning and evening.

My current makeup remover is also a micellar solution so I expected something similar.

So, I wasn't wearing too much makeup, just foundation, powder, purple and black eyeliner around my eyes and mascara. Now, I thought that my mascara won't come off that easily. I had on the Benefit They're Real mascara and my Dermacol Micellar Lotion has quite a hard time removing it perfectly because I feel like the mascara is sort of water-resistant.
To my surprise, this product had aboslutely NO diffitulties with my mascara. I was gladly shocked. I had on two rich coats and any makeup remover would have at least a little problem with it. Usually, you expect non oil-based makeup removers not to perform as well but there are always exceptions =)

It feels very nice to the skin. It feels very light, refreshing and watery. Since it doesn't contain oils, it literally feels like water. If you're not a fan of having an oily residue on your skin, this could be the prefect product for you. But I know my mum likes an oil based makeup remover because she loves that feeling and says she doesn't feel the need to apply moisturizer after. So it's about your own preference. I personally prefer this type of remover, that feels almost like water.

Around 2 years ago I tried out the Bioderma Sensibio H20 because I heard so many great reviews about it. I think I can say that the L'Oreal one is sort of a "dupe" of the Bioderma one. You can get it in the drugstore and is more affordable. You get 200 ml of L'Oreal for around 4 euros and you get 500 ml of Bioderma for around 13 euros. If you think about it the Bioderma isn't that much more expensive but if you don't feel like committing to half a liter of a product, the L'Oreal one is the perfect option.


So to sum it up:

+ removes even stubborn/water-resistant makeup
+ feels very refreshing
+ skin care for the lazy: you can use it also as a cleanser, not just makeup remover without rinsing anything out
+ not expensive (to my surprise)
+ the results can be compared to Bioderma Sensibio H20

Hope you liked this first impressions post =) Have you tried this product? What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments =)
Have great day,

Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey everyone!
Here is the third sin from the 7 Deadly Sins series - Gluttony. I did a very colorful look on my dear friend Devon and I just love how it contrasted with the white clothes she was wearing =) Here is the makeup tutorial:

120 palette
Revlon single eyeshadow in Venetian Blue
essence eyeshadow (the purple one, I don't know the name anymore, the packaging is smudged)

PHOTOS: Elvis van Fledermaus 
check out his facebook fan page -
check out her facebook fan page -
HAIR: Bea Prekopov√°
ACCESSORIES (mini top hat, necklace, gloves): Mordhaus Shop
BACKGROUND: Midnight Cafe -

So, that's all, I really hope you like this look and the whole thing that we created. Once again, huge thanks goes to everyone who participated =)
The next sin should be up some time this week, so subscribe to my channel so you don't miss the tutorial =)
Have a great day =)

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hey everyone!

So =) 2013 is finally over and it brought with it a lot of new products for me. Let's have a look at the things I've been loving and using the most, shall we? =)

Tell me, in the comments, what were your favorites during 2013 =)

In this article I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the products I mentioned in the video because then it would be 30 minutes long :D So buckle your seat belts and let's start with...

2013 brought to me the discovery of a good foundation. I only used concealers before, just to even out my skin tone and that was enough for me. Then, as I started filming more videos, I noticed that my skin, even though I don't have any major problems with it, didn't look all that well. I needed more coverage. I saw Leigh Ann from leighannsays on youtube use this one and she really liked it, and I just happened to have a coupon for 50% off this foundation and so I went to see if their lightest shade would fit my skin tone. Magically, it did! I am so happy that I found a good foundation that doesn't make me look darker! =) I then started using it for tutorials and for parties and I loved it. And now, in autumn I stopped using concealer all together and I only use this foundation on places, where I would use concealer. It is easier to blend it in than a concealer and the coverage is fine, not too much, not too light, just enough =)

I started using this foundation in the summer. In the drugstore it seemed like the color wouldn't be too dark for me and I decided to give it a try. I'm very glad I found this foundation because this is the one I started using instead of concealer during the summer. It has a very lightweight texture which is just awesome for those awful hot days. The coverage isn't as high as with the Maybelline one, but it was enough for me because I only needed to even out my skin tone.

I discovered this product only in November I believe but it has become a part of my everyday routine and I love it! I always wanted to try a flat top foundation brush, because everyone is raving about the Sigma one and before I buy such an expensive brush, I wanted to see how the "top flat" surface works for me. And I totally love it. The brush blends out the product very nicely. I am very surprised to like a brush for applying foundation. I tried the classic foundation brush - I hated that, I even tried a blush brush - at one time, a few gurus really liked that trick, I didn't at all. My problem was that it soaked up a lot of product, left brush streaks all over my face. With this brush you can just stipple on the foundation and, most of all, I feel like it doesn't soak up ANY product. You can see in the video, the brush is lightly stained with the foundation (I mixed my Maybelline foundation with a touch of white face paint) but it doesn't eat your foundation like the classic foundation brush does (which is also a pain in the neck to clean!).

When I saw Sephora had a Beauty Blender-like sponge, I immediately wanted to try it with my foundation. And I really love it. It's very easy to blend out the foundation, one end is a little bit pointy which makes it easy to go under the eyes and the other end helps with blending. The only thing I don't like about it is that it soaks up a lot of product. Nonetheless, the finish it gives it lovely and I feel like I can achieve higher coverage with it than with fingers, so I like it. But ever since I got H&M one, I always reach for that one when I do a full face.

These babies made a huge difference in my everyday routine. The only blush that I owned was one by essence which wasn't really anything great, but at least I got a little familiar with the concept of it. My first impression of these when I saw them in the drugstore was - they look all the same! :D The testers looked weird and swatching the colors didn't really help me a lot so I chose one that looked in the packaging a little similar to the essence one that I had at home. That was Riverside Rose. It's more on the orange-y side. All of these blushes are very neutral and each color has a small tint of a different color. Which, for me, is just awesome. All the blushers in the drugstore always seemed too pink, or too orange. I wanted to use blush also for contouring, because all the contour products are too dark or shimmery. The perfect shade for contouring or even as a bronzer is Sutton Place Peach. I bought this shade in the summer and it is just perfect for that. My all time favorite is West Side Wine. As the name says, it has a burgundy-ish tint. And I love that. I can use it as a contour color and a blend it out a little on my cheekbones. They aren't too pigmented, but that's also what I love about them, you can't apply too much. So if you're a beginner, these are just perfect for you =)


This is my go to eyeliner for eyebrows whenever I'm doing black eyebrows. It doesn't have a glossy or super gliding texture and that's why my eyebrows can survive anything with this eyeliner. I always warm it at the back of my hand for it to be easier to work with and I do sort of a sketch of my eyebrows. Then I set them with black eyeshadow and I have the perfect and very black eyebrows. =) I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on how I do my black eyebrows because it's always better to see it in action than to just read about it =) Would you be interested in that?

I could never do my eyebrows without these two brushes. The essence one is thicker than the Sephora one, so I use that one to do a "sketch" of my eyebrow, usually it's just one line up till the arch so I see where it's going to start etc., and then I use the thin Sephora one to sculpt, shape and finish them. At first I thought the Sephora one was too thin to work with but I bot it on a trip, when I found out I left the essence one at home (I used to do my eyebrows only with the essence one before) and I decided to try the Sephora one because I've been wanting to for a long time and I finally had a reason to buy it :D But it's really perfect for being precise with eyebrows =)

In March, I died my hair a plum purple, which was a darker color than what I had before and so I knew the eyebrows I did with my red hair would be too light for that. When I found this awesome matte eyeshadow in the drugstore, I was very glad because it fit just perfectly with my hair. Now I use both red and plum hair dye, I get a darker result with just red so I still use this because the color always looks sort of purple-y/dark reddish. I love colorful eyebrows. On an ordinary day I usually only wear eyeliner and mascara on my eyes so colorful eyebrows are the perfect and subtle pop of color on your face =) So if you're a darker redhead looking for something different than brown eyebrows, this is going to be awesome for your life =)

I tried A LOT of mascaras in 2013, especially Maybelline mascaras =) And I think I have more favs but these two are like the ultimate ones that I love the most.

I think this was the best find in 2013 when it comes to mascaras =) I think I bought it in the summer and I love it even today. It's a little drier now but I just love how this makes my lashes look. I really need to repurchase this mascara because it works amazingly. It doesn't have a very wet formula which makes working with it so much easier even in the first week =)

I've heard a lot about this mascara on youtube, mainly from Alli from MakeupByAlli. I loved that the wand on this mascara was rubberized and so I decided to try it out because I usually like those types of mascaras. I fell in love with it and I also did a review video on it in March.

This is a product that certainly made a revolution in my makeup world because it eliminated two big issues I used to have for a few years now. First - winged eyeliner. Doing cat eyes with liquid eyeliner was not only a little difficult for me (I tried both brush and sponge applicators), my eyes would start to get watery after some time and the tears would destroy all the makeup in my outer corners. Also, after a white the liquid product would start to break. So I almost never wore cat eyes. When I tried doing a cat eye with this gel liner.. Oh my god, it was like discovering America :D After a few effortless moves, there I had it, a perfect cat eye! It did not irritate my eyes and the buttery texture of the gel liner made made it sooooo easy to do!
Problem number two - my waterline. It's so hard for me to even force the black to stain my waterline.. If I use an eyeliner with a softer texture, sure, it's easier and nice and black, but even after setting it with black eyeshadow, it would slide off. Also, it always irritated my eyes and I remember once my eyes got so super watery that my whole eye makeup was starting to break down, it was awful :D With this gel liner in the waterline... ah.. I don't even have to set it with black eyeshadow, it's so easy to apply, stays there, looks awesome and does not make my eyes watery. 15 points out of 10 goes to this product! I love it =)

120 palette was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I got it in summer 2012 and never looked back. I ordered this with my first brush set and so I can say that it has been with me from the very beginning, when I started to get into makeup a lot more. It's the best palette for anyone. You have all the colors you can think of there. You can create subtle, natural looks with it, you can so as crazy with color as you'd like... You have neon colors, you have two blacks (which are awesome, when I compare them with the Sleek black, they have far less fallout and they are very pigmented), matte red, white - which are hard to find, and a lot of shades of...everything =) Which makes is easy to create gradients. I take this palette everywhere with me. If you're thinking of buying this palette, just go for it, you won't regret it! Just because it's cheap, it doesn't mean they quality is shitty =)

This is one of my precious finds on a trip in London. The palette consists of 10 MATTE shades, which is just so amazing because I think good quality matte eyeshadows are so hard to find, especially in the drugstore. I mainly bought it because it had a matte white, which I love for highlight under the eyebrow. All the other colors are amazing as well. They are very vibrant and are easy to work with, the only downside is probably the fallout, but you can put a tissue under your eye or do your face makeup the eyes.. There are ways to deal with it =)

The Naked palettes! I got these in London as well, because we don't have UD here. I really love these two, I've been reaching for them recently a lot more and they are great if you're travelling, I like to take both with me and I can create a lot of looks, from natural to crazier with them. They compliment each other very well, that's why I'm so glad I have both of them. I'm thinking of doing a separate video about them, do a little comparison =)

Orange lip color is one of the things that were a big discovery for me in 2013 =). I never thought I'd like it but I started with this Color Whisper by Maybelline which is basically like a tinted lip balm. It is moisturizing and also gives you color. I loved this in the summer months. I fell in love with the look of it and it was on my lips almost every day =) It's a very nice subtle kick in your look if you're not wearing too much makeup or no eyeshadows. I wanted to get more of the color whispers because they're just so easy to wear but all the colors are so pink! :D Agh :D

These two little treasures are also from my "big" trip to London (I think 95% of the makeup products I bought there are in my 2013 favs! :D). I wanted to get these ever since Leigh Ann from leighannsays on youtube started talking about them like more than a year ago. But then again, no Revlon where I live. You probably think I live somewhere in the middle of a desert :D I just love these. If you're into red lips, the red one is perfect for a long day. It doesn't give you like a "full on" red like with MAC's Ruby Woo, but it doesn't get ugly after a time. Everytime you reapply, it looks like you JUST put it on for the first time. It's a balmstain so it's both a lip balm and a lip stain, which is perfect because it doesn't dry out your lips but still stains them so it survives on your lips. I like to blot the red one with a tissue so it gives it more of a matte finish, but that's just personal preference =) The other shade I have, Honey is the perfect lip color when I don't know what to wear on my lips when I'm wearing a full face of makeup. Or when I don't want to bother with touch ups, even is this fades, it isn't that obvious because it's only a little darker than the color of my lips so it's awesome. I've been wearing it a lot to parties, because again, it's just so easy to wear and goes with everything =) I also got a third shade from this line, Rendez-Vous, which is the orange one, and I'm SO HAPPY to have that in my collection, I got for Christmas from my best friend. She knew I regretted not getting it in London in March, because I got into orange lips only in the summer so she got it for me on a trip to Paris =) Thank youu :*

Alright, these were the products I mentioned in the video, obviously there are more products that I would mention here but this article is getting just too long :D

I would like to thank you all for the support that you've been giving me in 2013, for subscribing, commenting and following what I do. I love making videos and, personally, 2013 was very hectic and difficult for me so having the time to just sit down film or edit and not think about anything else, just makeup, was awesome for me.
But even though it was a hard year, when it comes to makeup it was kinda great. I got to work with some very interesting and talented people on some photoshoots and as long as my youtube goes, I'm currently at 380 subscribers and almost 41,000 views on all my videos. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3

(You can find tutorials to all the looks in this photo on my youtube channel)

If you managed to get though this whole article - thank you, and a little bonus at the end - I'm uploading a celebrity inspired makeup look tomorrow, so stay tuned! =)

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Thanks for reading and watching, see you tomorrow in my new video =)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

GET READY WITH ME: Halloween Edition

Hi everyone! =)

This is my 2013 Halloween makeup look =) I know, I know, I went as a vampire last year, I just didn't have enough inspiration to do something else and I decided to do a different vampire than the last time. Have you seen my previous vampire look? Check it out here:

Last year I did a "red" vampire, so this year I decided to go purple =)
Oh and excuse my big lower lip, a few days before Halloween I got a lip piercing so my lip was swollen at that time.
I wish Halloween was more than once a year. The party I attended was organized by my university and it was just a-mazing to see like 99% people in awesome costumes.
Oh yes, and please excuse the poor quality of the photos. My camera is a very old machine and I think it's slowly dying and when it doesn't have like the perfect light, the quality is just very shitty. Please bear with me until I get a new camera =)

Maybelline LineDefiner in Black Onyx
120 palette: black, silver
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Purple Obsession
essence 3D eyeshadow in irresistible purr-ple: both shades
L'oreal gel intenza eyeliner
Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette: Pillow Talk
essence liquid ink eyeliner
essence lip stain

Hope you enjoyed this! Can't wait for next Halloween =) 


Hi everyone!

I got inspired to to this makeup tutorial because I fell in love with a new lip product that I bought - Sephora Color Lip Last <3 The first one I got was a matte orange one so this is a subtle look with a pop on the lips, suitable for the holiday season =) Hope you enjoy =)

Urban Decay Naked palette: Virgin, Sin, Sidecar, Naked
Urban Decay Naked 2 palette: Chopper, Tease, Foxy
Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette: Pillow Talk
essence liquid ink eyeliner
Maybelline One by One Volum' Express mascara
Sephora Color Lip Last in Orange Rocks

Hope you enjoyed, don't forget to subscribe to my channel and follow me on facebook for updates! =)