Monday, December 2, 2013

Portraits With Ewel

Hi everyone!

I've been neglecting my blog completely but I'M BACK and I have something a little special for you =)
At the end of this summer, I had the opportunity to do Ewel's makeup for a photoshoot. I've known Ewel for a while and she asked me if I wanted to work with her and I was really eager to. She's a great a model, I love what she does. Definitely check out her facebook fan page -

Ewel needed some portraits so I sort of did a very basic smokey eye. I did a color on the lid and black in the crease. Ewel has a pink strand in her hair so I wanted to use a color in that area to match it a little. I loved doing her makeup, her eyes are very easy to work with. =)

The photograpger was Eva - you can check her out here:

Model: Ewel
Makeup: Me - Lena Lednicka

Just a little bit from the backstage. Sorry about the low quality, there wasn't enough light for my camera to get it all nice and focused.

 The fan was a very helpful, it was SO hot that day and doing a photoshoot inside felt like we were in the desert :D (the outside felt the same).

Alright so that's all, I hope you enjoyed this.
See you soon =)

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Birthday Makeup [TUTORIAL]

Hi everyone! =)

I posted this makeup tutorial around a month ago I just sort of never got around to do a blog post with photos and the list of products - sorry about that O:)

But better late than never, right? =)

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Timeless Black
120 palette - red, black eyeshadows
88 warm palette - dark red eyeshadow
Sleek Ultra Matts V2 palette - Pillow Talk
essence liquid ink eyeliner
Sephora mono eyeshadow in City Fog
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in Romantic
MAC Ruby Woo lipstick <3

Hope you enjoyed this =)
Thanks for watching and reading, see you soon =)

Get Ready With Me: Summer Evening Out [MAKEUP TUTORIAL]

Hi everyone!

I posted this makeup tutorial around a month ago I just sort of never got around to do a blog post with photos and the list of products - sorry about that O:)

But better late than never, right? =)

Kryolan SupraColor in White
Sleek Ultra Matts V2 palette - Pillow Talk
Sleek The Original Palette - turquoise eyeshadow
Alverde Mono Matt eyeshadow in Midnight Blue
L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow in Pebble Gray
Sephora mono eyeshadow in City Fog
essence liquid ink eyeliner
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara in Extra Black
NYC Cheek Glow in SUtton Place Peach
Maybelline lipstick in Hollywood Red

Hope you liked this! =)
I already filmed another get ready with me makeup tutorial so if you like these, stay tuned! =)

Monday, September 9, 2013

August FAVORITES 2013

Hi everyone =)

So it's time for my monthly favorites =) Check out the products I liked for the month of August:

Garnier PureActive Exfo Brusher
My life saver, sorry, skin saver =) I was always looking for a good exfoliating product and now I found it. All the other products I tried dried my skin into a point that it was unbearable. My skin felt very tight and very uncomfortable. This doesn't do that. It does it a tiny little bit but I can live with that. Most of all, it helped with my zits and stuff that was happening on my face. My face was very sweaty during the hot summer days and so my skin didn't react very well to that. So I'm very happy that I discovered this product.

Maybeline FITme Concealer in 15
This is my favorite concealer of all time and I stopped using it during the summer because it felt a little heavy. But the weather has changed, it's cooling down so I didn't mind it anymore. I love the coverage it gives me, I love how it looks like when I put powder on it, it's just an awesome concealer for a good price =)

Maybelline SuperStay 24h Foundation in Light Beige
I discovered this foundation a while back maybe half a year ago and I've been loving it ever since. I only use it whenever I'm going to a party and I want to have more coverage on my face because I'll be taking photos and stuff. It definitely can be medium to high coverage, you can build it up, and I really like it. I attended quite a few parties in August so I decided to include it in my favorites because it helped me to achieve that "flawless" look throughout the whole night.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in Honey + Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Electric Plum
These two go very well together. The balm stain preps your lips for the lipstick and the lipstick just adds a darker shade to the lips. Even if the lipstick wears off, which it will, and sort of quickly because it is very hydrating and moisturizing, you're still going to have a nice wash of color on your lips thanks to the balmstain. I wore this combo to I think two parties this month and I really enjoyed it, and that's also what I was wearing in the video =)

MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo
There are no words ... <3 =)
If you've been following me for some time you know I LOVE red lips. I finally got the Ruby Woo lipstick and I am totally in love with it. It is the most amazing and awesome red lipstick. If you're a fan of red lips, you know how hard it can be to find a good red lipstick in the drugstore. Everything is too pink or orange, wears off quickly or just ... I love the matte formula, I love the velvety finish it gives to my lips. When I had it on for the very first time I felt amazing, like more fancy than usually :D I loved it. I also had to wear it to my birthday party because ... well it's just so beautiful, last long and doesn't get yucky after a few hours. I'm thinking of doing a separate video on how I like to do red lips. Tell me in the comments if you'd be interested in that =)

H&M lip balm in Vanilla Cake
This was a birthday present from my friend Sisa. I never expected to like a balm like this, because I was never fond of sticking my finger into something and applying that to my lips. But now that I got a chance to try it, I don't mind it. Plus, it smells AMAZING =) So thank you very much Sisa for letting me get out of my comfort zone and try something what I wouldn't get for myself (those are the best presents! =) )

False lashes
Here are three looks I did with these lashes. I have tutorials to the first two ones and the third one is in the process of editing =) I love these lashes. I've been reaching for them all the time in the past month or two. Whenever I wanted to wear false lashes, I wore these. They are just so universal. They add that glam into your look but they do not overpower it. I got them on eBay for like a couple of bucks and I got 10 pairs of them. I cut them a bit so they are a little shorter but that doesn't bother me because like that they don't poke me in the inner corner and feel a lot more comfortable. Yay for eBay lashes <3

Okay so these were the products I like for the month of August, hope you liked this =)
Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them? Tell me in the comments =)

Have a great day,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

July Favorites & Unfavorites 2013

Hi everyone,

today I'm here with a favorites video. I finally decided to start making these and I hope I'll be able to do them every month. =)


NYC all day long smooth skin foundation in 737 Classic Ivory
This has been my life-saver in these awfully hot days. It is a substitute for my concealer. I was used to wearing only concealer - under my eyes, on my nose, around my nose, around my mouth, on my lids and the place where I draw on my eyebrows. But when it started to get really really hot, I felt like it's too heavy on my skin, even though I still didn't use like a ton of it. I decided to try this foundation and I'm so glad I found it! Now I only wear the concealer under my eyes (sometimes a touch around my nose if there's redness) and the consistency is so much nicer than the concealer. It feels lighter and that's what you need for these hot days =).

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara in Extra Black
This has been my absolute fav mascara this month. I believe I started using it in June and I've been wearing it every single day. I love what it does to my lashes. You can still get a nice, more natural effect and you can build it up and have thick long lashes. Mascaras are always a very individual thing so just because I love it, it doesn't have to mean you'll love it too. I'm a person who prefers rubberized wands like this one so I think if you're into those, you'll love it too =)

Maybelline Color Whisper in Orange Attitude
If you watched my Colors of the Rainbow tag video, you know I love this product =) It's a very nice way how to spice up your daily look, just by adding an orange tint to your lips. When I use this, I don't need to use my lipbalm, and I need my lips to be moisturized all the time because they get dry easily. This is super moisturizing, feels great on the lips and also has color. You just have to love it =) I'd love to get more colors from the Color Whisper line but I'm not the biggest fan of pink lip products and I feel like almost all the other colors are just variations of pink... C'mon Maybelline, there are other colors! :D

NYC Cheek Glow Blush in Sutton Place Peach
I'm not really the type of person to divide stuff into "summer appropriate" / "fall appropriate" etc., I wear whatever I want, whenever I want :D but I really have to say that when I first used this blush I told myself - well this is the perfect contouring color for the summer. As you know, I'm not a fan of bronzed, tanned faces, but this gives my face a :summery" look, which isn't something I tend to go for :D But I like it at the moment. I talked about NYC blushes before and I have to mention them again because I love them so much. I'm thinking about doing a separate video just about them and the different shades I have and show you swatches etc. They aren't super pigmented but that's also what I like about them - it's unlikely you're going to put too much with the first application. The colors they have go great with my skin tone (at least I feel so :D), they are not too pink, not too orange, not too ... anything =) They just really fit =)

 Dermacol Neon Poison, Neon Purple nail polishes
I love these babies =) It was love at first sight <3 :D I've been loving neon colors even before it became a big hit. But it's nice that it's easier to get neon stuff =) I'm planning to get more of these, they are very inexpensive, only 40 crowns (something less than 2 dollars) which is super affordable in my opinion. They have a lot of funky colors, all neons, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange etc. The only thing that you need to think about with neon nail polishes is that you need to apply more than just one coat. I applied 3 and it looked awesome =) If you ever tried neon nail polish, you know that the consistency of it is slightly different from the regular nail polish. It dries kinda quickly and is thinner. So when you apply 3 coats, it's not going to be like 3 coats of regular nail polish. I have huge chipping off problems, my nails are very soft and my nail polish usually lasts for like 24 hours without any cracks or chipping off and sometimes and this lasted for 2 whole days =)


Essence Colour & Go nailpolish in Flashy Pumpkin
I was so happy to see this nail polish on sale because as you may have noticed, I'm kinda "orange" crazy at the moment. I pained my nails with it last night, and it looked awesome, I LOVE the color. Then, when I looked at my nail in the morning at work, it was already starting to chip off :/ I mean c'moooon! As the day went, it got worse and worse. After around 15 hours of wearing it, almost half of the nail polish was gone on few of my fingers. :(
Well, never mind, essence still makes nice nail polishes, I have a few from their collection and I never had such bad experience with them. I guess it depends on the color.

Okay, so these are my favs and unfavs for the month of July =) Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them? Do you not like them? Tell me in the comments =)

I'll see you with another favorites video at the end of August! =)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi everyone!

It's heeeere!! =) The Spaceman makeup look from the band KISS =)
I had a lot of fun doing this makeup tutorial so I really hope you're going to enjoy it =)

I worked mostly with this picture of the makeup and yea, I think I didn't copy it "exactly" but everyone has different face and so it's going to look a little different, you need to work with your features =)


Maybelline Color Tattoo in Timeless Black
Maybelline Collor Tattoo in Eternal Silver
all the eyeshadows are from the 120 palette
essence liquid ink eyeliner

I already made the Starchild makeup look, watch it here:

Let me know which is the KISS looks you'd like to see next! =)
Thank you so much for watching and reading.
I'll see you in my next video, bye! =)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

FOTN: Turquoise "Leopard" & Death Rock

Hi everyone =)
I realized I had some photos of my makeup from a party I attended in mid-June. It was another Walking in Spiderwebs party. The DJs were our friends and one of them played one of my fav songs - Perfume Garden by The Chameleons <3 =)

I decided to write a Face of the Night (=FOTN) post =). I went for the "death-rock style" again and everytime I do a death rock inspired look I just loove doing it because I feel like it gives me more opportunities to be crazier with my makeup. This time I sort of combined some stuff I did before. If you watched my death rock inspired makeup tutorial you can see that the brows are kinda very similar and also the shape, because it big and winged, but this time I winged out also the color on my lid.

This is actually a very simple look, I didn't have too much time to get ready so I tried to do my best using just three colors - white, turquoise and black. I also paired it with a few eyeliner wings on the side and I wanted to do a leopard spots but I feel like it looks like a mess :D

Also, I wanted to be a little more fancy and I used my turquoise hair extension to go with my lid color :D

I was thinking about filming another death rock inspired makeup tutorial - would you like one?

120 palette - black and turquoise
Sleek eyeshadow in Pillow Talk (matte white)
essence liquid ink eyeliner
essence Vampire Love lipstain

Check out the white near my roots. Nope, it's not dry shampoo. It's my volumizing powder :D Probably used too much :D

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, I plan on doing more of these FOTD/N type posts. =)
Also, my next makeup tutorial will be up on Monday! =) So stay tuned.
Have a lovely day.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tribute to TALIA JOY: Candy Cane Eyes [MAKEUP TUTORIAL]

Hi everyone.

Today I'm here with a very special video.
I decided to do a look inspired by the beautiful Talia Joy Castelano, known as taliajoy18 on youtube. She did a tutorial of this candy cane inspired makeup look and I decided to film this video as a tribute.

If you don't know Talia, she was an amazing makeup artist, a youtube guru, a CoverGirl and so much more. She accomplished a lot in her very short life (she was going to turn 14 this August). She inspired millions of people throughout the whole world. For a 13-year-old, her makeup skills were just fabulous. Maybe you think it's a little tacky, such a little girl wearing so much makeup. But Talia didn't want to wear wigs when she lost her hair, she said it didn't feel like "her", and when she put on makeup, it felt right. She also said that when she would wear makeup, people would look at her makeup, and not at her bald head. And I totally understand this approach. Talia was working on her own fashion and makeup line. Her sister, who uploaded a video about her passing away on her youtube channel, said that she is going to make that happen for Talia even though she is no longer with us. If you're interested in more about this brave little girl, check out her youtube channel: or her official website or this link

To be honest, I wasn't one of Talia's subscribers. I remember clicking on few of her videos from time to time.. Then, probably at the beginning of July, I saw someone from the youtube community post on facebook about Talia being in a hospital and not feeling too great. I started going through some posts on her facebook page where there were updates and I went back there almost every day to find out more. Then on Tuesday I read a post that Talia didn't make it. :( It made me really sad, I was only getting to know that little girl. I went through more of her videos and I intend to watch everything she posted to youtube. That's when I found her funky, colorful candy cane eyes makeup tutorial and I decided to film a tutorial in her honor. To prove that she will continue to inspire people.
She was a brave fighter and she lived a full life. Probably fuller than others ever will and she brought so much to the world.
Go and check out some of Talia's wonderful work!

bronwn eyeshadow - 88 warm palette
the rest of the eyeshadows (except for the highlight under the brows) - 120 palette
Sephora mono eyeshadow in porcelain
essence liquid ink eyeliner
Kryolan Supracolor in White



Thanks for watching and reading.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HOW TO: Flawless White Face - Halloween/Costume Makeup

Hi everyone!

I decided to film how to achieve that awesome white face for Halloween/Costume makeup looks. Nowadays you can get face paints easily but they can be very greasy and feel extremely heavy on your face and when you use them alone, then can start sliding off your face during the day/night.

I'm going to show you how you can get that awesome flawless white face that feels light on your skin and lasts all night/day long.

I have a few tutorials where I did the white face with this "method", so check them out! =)

Pierrot the Clown:

Queen of Hearts:

KISS - Paul Stanley/ Starchild:

Vampire Makeup Look:

Dead Barbie Doll:

Sephora Smoothing Primer
Kryolan Supracolor in White
Neutrogena face cream
essence all about matt! fixing loose powder- I would normally use Kryolan's transparent powder which is my ultimate fav, but I didn't have that then and this one by essence is my drugstore alternative (it's not that bad, I've been using it daily, but I prefer the Kryolan one more)

I really hope this helped you, and next time you dress up for Halloween or other costume party and you'll have to work with face paint, it'll feel comfortable on your face and look awesome! =)
Thanks for watching and reading =)
Have a great day!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunset Inspired [MAKEUP TUTORIAL]

Hey everyone! =)

I'm here with a new makeup tutorial. =) Hope you're going to like it =)
This time I decided to play more with color and this is what I put together. I love the colors of the sunset, I love how the color gets all nice and colorful, and that was my inspiration.

120 palette - both yellow eyeshadows, orange
88 warm palette - both browns
Sephora mono eyeshadow in Porcelain
essence sun club palette in 01 south beach - the turquoise eyeshadow
L'Oreal Infaillible eyeshadow in  Purple Obsession and All Night Blue
Kryolan Supracolor in white
essence sun kissed cheek tint in hello summer!
NYC Cheek Glow in Sutton Place Peach
MAC sheer blush in Breath of Plum

Alright, that is all, thank you so much for watching and reading, I'll see you very soon =)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Emilie Autumn Inspired [MAKEUP TUTORIAL]

Hey everyone! =)

I promised my next tutorial is going to be something more fun, so here it is!

My friend Nadja asked me to do her makeup for one event where she was DJing and I was really glad she wanted an Emilie Autumn inspired makeup look because I've been meaning to do one for the longest time =) I love Emilie's music, her style and everything about her. If you're not familiar with her, here she is:

Her style is very unique, and so is her music.
Emilie's typical makeup looks have changed a bit but in my mind, I always see her with a heart under her eye, red/pink eyeshadows, and a heart shaped lips. So obviously, that was our inspiration. But in the end we decided not to do the heart shaped lips.

120 palette (all the eyeshadows except for the one under the eyebrows)
Sephora mono eyeshadow in Porcelain
essence liquid ink eyeliner
Maybelline Color Sensational in Hollywood Red

Photos taken by: Elvis van Fledermaus


I really hope you enjoyed this! =) Don't forget to follow me on facebook or twitter for updates and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any new videos =)
Thank you so much for watching and reading.
See you soon! =)