Thursday, March 13, 2014

COUGAR TOWN: Laurie Keller's Makeup Season 2

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I can't imagine my life without TV shows. There are some, that I have to rewatch every year or so because I miss them. Yes, it's that bad :D Today I'm going to tell you a bit more about one particular show that keeps me interested because of makeup, too =)
I've been hooked on Cougar Town for probably a year now. I've seen all 4 seasons probably 3 times now :D I obviously discovered it through Couteney Cox or Monica on Friends. Friends is my ultimate favorite TV show so I had to look up what Courteney came up with! Yes, it's not that awesome as Friends or other TV shows that I watch but still, I like to go back to it from time to time =) When I finished Desperate Housewives season 5 (for like the quadrillionth time) I didn't have season 6 in my laptop so while I got that, I started watching Cougar Town again. I'm already at the end of 3rd season and I can't wait to watch a few episodes from the 5th season that is currently on TV! =)

Ever since I got more into makeup, whenever I watch anything, I perceive the makeup the actors wear a lot more. So I had to dedicate some space on my blog to Laurie Keller (played by Busy Philipps). The Queen of Loud Lips. I LOVE how they matched her personality with her makeup. She always wears these awesome, funky, "in-your-face" lip colors and I just LOVE it =)
Usually, characters in TV shows wear the same makeup all the time and usually it's very neutral. I love that with every new episode, Laurie has a new look, usually a different lip color. <3 =)

In this blogpost, I'll show you her what different lipsticks/makeup looks she had on in season 2 =)

Ep. 3

Ep. 4

Ep. 5

Ep. 6

Ep. 7

Ep. 8

Ep. 9

This season also includes a Thanksgiving episode (s02e09) where Laurie decided to beat Katy Perry because she wore 12 different outfits at the MTV Music Awards. She did 8 outfits and the reason why she stopped changing was because she "ran out of boob tape" :D Classic Laurie. Here they are!

Let's continue with the other episodes:
Ep. 10

Ep. 11

Ep. 12

Ep. 14

Ep. 15

Ep. 16

Ep. 17

Ep. 18

Ep. 19

Ep. 20

Ep. 21-22
Doesn't she look awesome with (almost) no makeup too?

Okay so these are all my screen shots from Laurie's makeup in season 2. Next week, get ready for pics from season 3 ^_^
Do yo you watch Cougar Town? What other TV shows do you watch? Tell me in the comments =)
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