Monday, December 2, 2013

Portraits With Ewel

Hi everyone!

I've been neglecting my blog completely but I'M BACK and I have something a little special for you =)
At the end of this summer, I had the opportunity to do Ewel's makeup for a photoshoot. I've known Ewel for a while and she asked me if I wanted to work with her and I was really eager to. She's a great a model, I love what she does. Definitely check out her facebook fan page -

Ewel needed some portraits so I sort of did a very basic smokey eye. I did a color on the lid and black in the crease. Ewel has a pink strand in her hair so I wanted to use a color in that area to match it a little. I loved doing her makeup, her eyes are very easy to work with. =)

The photograpger was Eva - you can check her out here:

Model: Ewel
Makeup: Me - Lena Lednicka

Just a little bit from the backstage. Sorry about the low quality, there wasn't enough light for my camera to get it all nice and focused.

 The fan was a very helpful, it was SO hot that day and doing a photoshoot inside felt like we were in the desert :D (the outside felt the same).

Alright so that's all, I hope you enjoyed this.
See you soon =)