Monday, February 24, 2014

FIRST IMPRESSIONS / REVIEW: Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

Hey everyone =)

It's time for another first impressions post =)
This time I'm going to talk about a compact powder by essence from the all about matt! line. I am very pale so a powder without color (or a white color) is absolutely a must for me.
There are two powders from this line, this one is the compact one. I tried the other one because I used to use Kryolan's Translucent powder before but I'm having troubles getting hold of it and I bought the essence one for sort of like a temporary solution but I like that's so easy to get and so cheap. Obviously the Kryolan one is better quality but the essence one isn't that bad at all. When I was out of it, I wanted to get a new one, only to find out that they were out of it in the drugstore I went to. They only had this compact one. The only difference between them is that this one is a compact. The product should be the same.
Now, ever since I started using a "powdery" powder, where you have the actual powder that is not pressed, it completely changed my world. I found it easier to set my face, and it wouldn't get cakey and all weird. That's number one reason why I wasn't very happy about trying out a compact again. But it was all they had and I really needed a powder, so I gave it a shot.

At the back, it says that is is an "extremely smooth fixing compact powder for a matt and natural finish all day long. helps to blend blush and foundation colors together. fixes make-up when applied as finishing powder for all skin tones"

I was sort of surprise with this powder. I used it with essence kabuki brush and I think it worked very well. Just as the not pressed one. I think it is easier to use a brush with compact powders and not a powder puff because the brush sort of breaks down the powder and then is a lot easier to apply. I would worry that with a powder puff, it could go on very uneven and cakey.
I really like the finish, it gives a nice, matte finish, just as is says on the back of the packaging. Also, my foundation is a tiiiiny little bit too dark for me (but it's the lightest one I can find in the drugstore :D) and since the powder has a white/no color, it helps balance that out which I love. BUT just to be clear, it isn't literally a white powder. If you're familiar with Stargazer's White Pressed Powder, THAT is a white powder =) If you apply it heavily it leaves you with a beautiful white face. This one does not do that so it definitely is for everyday use =)
I also used it to blend out my eyeshadows. Whenever I don't apply my eyeshadows too high or only slightly past the crease for an easy everyday look, I like to take my brush that I use for highlight under the eyebrow and apply the powder all around the edges. That way, if I apply a bit more, I get a highlight and a blending color all in one =)

It says on the packaging that it is suitable for all skin tones but I would say that people with darker skin tones or women of color would get a bit of a whiter cast from it. But I think light and medium skin tones can definitely get away with it. If you're looking for a setting powder, not a powder that will give you extra coverage, I think this could be a great product for you =)

Actually, after I apply it to my skin is feels nice and soft and it doesn't look like I piled on tons of powder, which is always great news when it comes to powders =)

You get 0.28 oz or 8 g of product. With the non-pressed one, you get 11 g. I don't remember if there is difference in the price, but I remember the compact one was around 80 CZK (= 4 USD). But you obviously lose some product with the non pressed one because it sometimes gets very messy and gets everywhere.

+ sets the foundation very nicely
+ doesn't get cakey
+ looks natural
+ VERY affodable

Have you tried this powder? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments down below =)
Have a lovely day!


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