Friday, May 9, 2014

REVIEW: Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight It ... Nude

Hi everyone!

Long time no read, right? :D Sorry I've been so MIA. A looot of things were happening in my life but I have a few reviews for you in the near future =)

I want to dedicate this blogpost to an awesome little product by essence. It's been a while since I was impressed with a product by this brand. I use their liquid ink eyeliner all the time and I swear by it but I've been into other drugstore products so I was curious to try this because I heard some good things about it and (good) highlighting products, in general, are hard to find in drugstores.

So let me get my microscope and let's see what this product is about =) I have it in the shade 01 Highlight it Nude. There are 3 shades altogether.

So. Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight it ... nude is a thicker jumbo pencil and on it, it says: "creamy and easy blendable highlighter texture". It also says it contains carmine. In case you don't know what that is, it's a red pigment that you can get from smashing females of some kinds of insects (they also add this to food - ketchup, red-colored yogurts and stuff). So if you're conscious about stuff like this, maybe you want to stay away from this one :D

You get 1.4 g / 0.049 oz. I think it cost less than 100 CZK, which is less than $5. And that's a good bargain =)

I wanted to use it for my waterline because white eyeliner can be too harsh for everyday or some looks. I was shocked by how easy it was to apply it! I usually have troubles getting something into my waterline and if I do, my eyes start to get watery. The only thing I love in my waterline is a gel liner. Easy to apply and stays in there. That's I was so shocked when this got so easily onto my waterline and actually stayed there and looked awesome :D Since it is a creamier product, it doesn't have like the best staying power but it's not that bad. Even after it wears off, the waterline looks brighter.
Also, I think this product is very versatile. You can highlight any area on your face with it. You can even use it on your cheekbones for a nice highlight, or under the eyebrow, in your inner eye corner, on your cupid's bow or down your nose. Just remember to blend it out =)

My eyes did not get watery at all. With all the other eyeliners, they always do. So if you're sensitive in this way, maybe this product will work for you too! =)

+ affordable drugstore product
+ easy, smooth application, visible highlight
+ doesn't irritate the eye
+ multiple ways to use it - in the waterline, under the eyebrow, in the inner corner, cheekbones, cupid's bow,...
- contains carmine (if it bothers you)
- doesn't have the best staying power in the waterline (but as I mentioned earlier, it's not that bad, it stays still bright and you can always reapply =) )

Yes! =) I think I'd like to try the other shades as well but I feel like this one suits my skin tone the best and is exactly what I was looking for.

Okay so this is it for this review. Have you tried this product? What other highlighting pencils do you like and would recommend? Comment down below ^_^
Have a great day,

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